To make sure the acquired knowledge and skills are implemented within your organization. 360-Control performs an analysis of the current situation of knowledge and skills and consequently offers a suitable standard or tailor-made training.

1. Intake

360-Control reports the customer requirements and the level of knowledge and skills present before the tug-master-training.

2. Customer vision

The customer describes the level of knowledge and skills that are required to operate and possibly helps to formulate all learning objectives.

3. Training proposal

360-Control creates a training-proposal to comply with the customer’s needs and learning objectives.

4. Training agreement

The training proposal is discussed, evaluated and agreed upon with the customer including possible exceptions to vary from the training proposal.

5. Training execution

Execution of tug trainings by qualified 360-Control instructors in the classrooms, on the simulators and/or on-the-job.

6. Training evaluation

Knowledge and skill level is assessed to a standard set of criteria and certificated to knowledge and skill levels that are presented.

7. Follow-up

After the training 360-Control will contact the customer for evaluation.