Fast Crew Supply training

In order to gain above average practical experience on a fast crew supply vessel (FCS) simulator, the master must overcome various challenges. The working area may cover in-land, A1 but also A2 areas and the master has to be aware of different scopes of qualifications associated with that. The maximum speed of the FCS may be such that high-speed navigation regulation is applicable. Very precise manoeuvring at the working site is required under very exposed conditions, during the voyage to to and from the working area, as well as during time in the field. At all times a high level of situation awareness from the Master is required.


the main objective is that the participant will:

  • Acquire/enhance manoeuvring skills under exposed current and wave situations
  • Develop a high level of situational awareness
  • Develop a full understanding of high-speed navigation
  • Monitor and participate when required in all communication
  • Obtain critical information from available internal and external resources